Marie-Emilie Méjan, Owner & CEO of Mon Plus Beau Jour : “A wedding is such an intimate moment that choosing a wedding planner to accompany you along the way also means relying on the quality of the relationship, and on the understanding and trust you come to build together. A couple of words before we get a chance to meet you.

How does one become a planner for such unique events, and why did I choose this path? For me, it all started with my various stays abroad. This key period in my life, those travels, came as confirmation that I was a people person, with the ability and the eagerness to understand and share the feelings of other individuals.

When I came home to Paris, I managed several venues. This brought me to work closely with all kind of suppliers involved in event design and planning.

Stage producers, decorators, caterers, florists, artists… this is how I built my network. But this is also how I grew my expertise in project management and supplier coordination, which should always be selected carefully and mindfully based on the corresponding assignment.

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Marie-Emile Méjan