The years go by, I see new faces every day, and I am still enjoying it. I love it more and more even! One of the things I appreciate the most is to go from one sphere to the next.

Utterly unique moments fashioned by and for individuals’ expectations.

The constant movement, the thrill and excitement, this is what I love. From Provence to Corsica, from Paris to the US East Coast… whether it’s old-fashioned, it has a country flair, whether it’s pop or traditional…

But in the end what really matters is piece of mind for the bride and groom. So that they full enjoy THEIR moment. Let the bride and groom be happy on that day, we take care of the rest.

Our one and only role is to assist the bride and groom in realizing their project. Whether they need inspiration or simply produce what they have pictured in advance, they are the creative source. We are at our clients’ service. The fact that I worked in the United States most likely contributed to develop this constant sense of customer service. For my collaborators and myself, it’s a philosophy in our daily tasks.

And if I had to identify the one thing the events we have organized in the past, and will organize in the future, have in common, I guess I would say “refinement and attention to details”.»