Fashion shows, product launches, corporate evening events for well-known brands, PR dinners and… Weddings. While I have always been attracted by the diversity of the projects, I immediately knew that I had the instinct for weddings and felt a specific affinity for them.

It’s such a turn point, such a critical moment, there are so many emotions associated to that occasion…

So that’s the context in which I met Dorothée Gruman in 2007, who had originally founded Mon plus Beau Jour 4 years earlier. We both felt in our hearts that we would develop a relationship on both personal and professional levels.

I worked by her side at first, and then I had the opportunity to take over Mon Plus Beau Jour. I jumped in with both feet! Here I was, 30 years old, leading a renowned company, obviously wanting to take part in its expansion. Youth’s fire meets proven track records of wedding planning…

So that’s keeping this perspective in mind that I decided to develop our presence in New-York. Today, our activity is equally shared between Europe and North America.

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