Wedding in the Pyrenees


All things considered, it’s pretty uncommon for grooms to be the main contact person.  Jean-Baptiste was definitely committed…and very much inspired.

He was committed indeed, since he was in charge of the civil chapter of the ceremony which would unite him to Marguerite.  Marguerite, on her end, was focusing on the religious ceremony to be held in Arizona, her home town.

And he was inspired as well, from the early stages of the planning, with the daisies specially planted in the home garden or those decorating the traditional wedding cake as a tribute to his bride’s first name.

Thus, the 70 guests of this Franco-American couple living in New York were invited in the Pyrenees region, home town of the groom.   A reunion celebrated in the heart of a beautiful and traditional mansion, summer home of an Australian couple, which we suggested as a unique venue.

An ideal and warm location for a gourmet dinner indeed, designed by the chef Alexis Saint-Martin, famous  in the area for his fine cuisine.  The reception, placed under gold and caramel tones, nicely coordinating with the warm wood tones, ubiquitous to the typical architecture of the region…

Photo credit: JKB Young